Western Power intends to replace overhead power lines with underground cables between 8 January and 16 March 2018.  Areas affected include Smithfield Road, High Street (between the Gaskell corner and Back Lane) and King Street.

Trench works to lay new cables will be as follows:

  • Back Lane between 8 January and 12 January 2018.
  • High Street, Dark Lane to King Street between 15 and 18 January 2018.
  • High Street – King Street to Gaskell Arms corner between 21 and 26 January 2018.
  • Bridgnorth Road between 24 January and 2 February 2018.
  • Smithfield Road between 24 January and 16 February 2018. There will be a cable pull on 13 February 2018.
  • Back Lane for cable pull between 12 and 16 February 2018.
  • King Street 19 February and 16 March 2018. There will be a cable pull on 27 March 2018.
  • Back Lane disconnection between 12 and 16 March 2018.

Wester Power will keep informed all those affected by letter drops.  Traffic signals and road closures will be manned to avoid any problems.

Detailed plans are available to view at the Town Clerk’s office.

Works to power lines




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