Gaskell Recreation Ground Management Committee Terms of Reference


The Constitution shall apply to all actions of the Committee.

The Committee shall be appointed on an annual basis at the Annual General Meeting of the Charity. At the first annual meeting of the Committee the first order of business shall be to elect a Chairman.

The Committee shall meet at times to be determined by the Committee.

Once approved the minutes of all meetings shall be presented to the next meeting of the Charity.

Members of the Committee will receive an agenda and supporting papers at least three clear days before meetings.

Notice of meetings shall be published.


The Committee shall act within its delegated powers as approved by the Charity.


  • The day-to-day management of the Gaskell Recreation Ground (the ‘Ground’) as directed by the Charity.
  • To negotiate and award contracts for maintenance of the Ground following the same procedure as set out in the Town Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations.
  • Control bookings and cash collection for use of the Ground.
  • Manage and control key distribution of the Linden Gate.
  • Act as adjudicator for disputes on issues in accordance with concise guidelines set out in adopted policies.
  • To work within the estimates of the approved budget.
  • Present regular reports to the Town Council showing progress of the Committee’s actions against the approved budget.
  • To make recommendations to the Charity.
  • To seek ways to improve the Ground with an ultimate aim that it becomes self-funded.
  • To delegate areas of responsibility, not precluded by legislation, to the Secretary.