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Neighbourhood Plan For Much Wenlock

A Neighbourhood Plan for Much Wenlock

In February 2011 Much Wenlock Town Council agreed to work with Shropshire Council to become a vanguard location for a neighbourhood plan.  Much Wenlock was one of the first seventeen communities to test neighbourhood planning, a key feature of the Localism Act 2011, and was the first in Shropshire.

After appealing for volunteers in June 2012 the Town Council formed a steering group to drive the Plan to its conclusion.

In November 2011, the Neighbourhood Plan project was launched. Extensive media coverage ensured a packed meeting at the Town’s Priory Hall where a presentation, and an opportunity to discuss themes, ensured a lively and informed debate. A launch booklet proved popular amongst attendees. This was followed by a drop-in session at the same venue later that week. This also proved popular, with lots of new faces in evidence. 

Much Wenlock’s Neighbourhood Development Plan was submitted to Shropshire Council, following its approval by the Town Council on 25 April 2013.  Having been satisfied that the Plan met statutory requirements Shropshire Council appointed Andrew Ashcroft, Assistant Director at Herefordshire Council as the independent Plan Examiner. After an examination of the Plan, which took place between 1 and 15 July 2013 the Examiner concluded that a Hearing was necessary in accordance with Schedule 12 of Localism Act 2012, Schedule 4B of the Town & Country Planning Act 1990.  The Hearing was called in order to examine how housing growth will be delivered in the Plan area and how the Plan meets the basic conditions.  The Hearing took place on 17 October 2013 and focussed on general housing policies, monitoring and delivery, sustainable development and proposed housing.

Following the Hearing the Examiner asked for further matters to be clarified.  Having responded to these matters the Examiner concluded that, on the basis of his conclusions he recommended to Shropshire Council that, subject to the modifications proposed in his Report, the Neighbourhood Plan for Much Wenlock should proceed to referendum.

A referendum took place on 22 May 2014 which attracted a 42% turnout with 85% of those voting saying 'YES' to the Neighbourhood Plan for Much Wenlock.

In pursuance of the Localism Act 2011 Schedule 38A (9) and Regulation 19 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 Shropshire Council made (adopted) the Plan on 17 July 2014 and it is now local policy.  The Town Council has set up a Neighbourhood Plan Monitoring Panel to monitor the Plan and advise the Town Council on whether it is meeting its objectives with the ultimate aim of informing the Plans's three-year review.

Minutes and agendas for Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Working Group meetings can be found here

The adopted version of the Neighbourhood Plan can be viewed here:

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