Three DT A-Level students at William Brookes School, Much Wenlock have each designed and made a donation box for the Guildhall, Much Wenlock. Josh Sterling, Lottie Rowlands, and James Morgan were given a specification from the Town Council to design and manufacture a donation box to replace an existing one. The donation boxes had to be made of any suitable material that would be secure, lockable, tamper proof, and able to take notes and coins. Students were given a maximum and minimum size to work within and the design was left to their discretion but had to be sufficiently attractive to encourage visitors to part with their money. The design also had to be sympathetic to the historical nature of the Grade II Listed Building and its provenance.

All three donation boxes are now in situ at the Guildhall and, to show our appreciation, the Mayor of Much Wenlock, Cllr. Herbert Harper, presented Josh and Lottie with a civic gift for the school. Unfortunately, James was not able to attend the presentation. The Town Council is extremely grateful, not only to the students for all their hard work, but also to the school for its cooperation. The Council wishes all three students well in their quest to become designers.

Donation box presentation 1