Standing Orders – Adopted 6th February 2014 revised May 2016

  1. Rules of debate at meetings
  1. Disorderly conduct at meetings
  1. Meetings generally
  1. Committees and sub-committees
  1. Ordinary council meetings
  1. Extraordinary meetings of the council and committees, and sub-committees
  1. Previous resolutions
  1. Voting on appointments
  1. Motions for a meeting that require written notice to be given to the Proper Officer
  1. Motions at a meeting that do not require written notice
  1. Handling confidential or sensitive information
  1. Draft minutes
  1. Code of conduct and dispensations
  1. Code of conduct complaints
  1. Proper Officer
  1. Responsible Financial Officer
  1. Accounts and accounting statements
  1. Financial controls and procurement
  1. Handling staff matters
  1. Requests for information
  1. Relations with the press/media
  1. Execution and sealing of legal deeds
  1. Communicating with District and County or Unitary councillors
  1. Restrictions on councillor activities
  1. Standing orders generally


Standing Orders-sept-2016