Code of Practice for handling complaints

The following procedure should be followed by anyone wishing to make a complaint against Much Wenlock Town Council.

If you have a complaint against a Town Councillor you should write to the Monitoring Officer who is the responsible person for dealing with complaints about councillors:

The Monitoring Officer

Legal and Democratic Services

Shropshire Council


Abbey Foregate



MWTC Code of Conduct March 2022

If you have a complaint against an employee of the Town Council you should write to: 

The Town Mayor

The Corn Exchange

62 High Street

Much Wenlock

TF13 6AE

If you have any other complaint  you should write to:

The Town Clerk

The Corn Exchange

62 High Street

Much Wenlock

TF13 6AE

In order for your complaint to be dealt with, the Council’s Code of Practice has been adopted so you can be assured your grievance will be properly and fully considered. It is hoped that by following this transparent process, the good reputation of the Town Council will be maintained. This procedure will be followed where complaints cannot be resolved less formally by the Town Clerk or the Mayor.

Here is the Town Council’s Complaints Procedure 2022

 Code of Practice for dealing with unreasonable and persistent complainants

From time to time the Town Council receives complaints from members of the public.  Some complaints are received by telephone or in writing and some by a visit to the Town Clerk’s office.  In order to deal with complaints efficiently and effectively the Town Council has a Complaints Policy.

The Town Council’s administration is overseen by the Town Clerk.  In the event that a complainant begins to make frequent contact with the Town Clerk’s office and hinders the normal day to day running of the Town Council, the Town Clerk will implement a policy for dealing with frequent or vexatious complainants, since such complaints can be time consuming and could lead to unnecessary additional cost to the council tax payer.

The Town Council’s policy for dealing with unreasonable and persistent complainants will become operative if the complainant is deemed to be unreasonably persistent either by written or oral communication or excessive visits to the Town Clerk’s office.


A vexatious complainant will be notified that the Council’s Policy for dealing with unreasonable and persistent complaints is to be enforced, together with the reason why.  The complainant will then be asked to adopt one or all of the following procedures:

  • request contact with the Town Council in a particular form (for example, letters only);
  • request contact to take place with a named officer;
  • restrict telephone calls to specified days and times; and/or
  • be asked to enter into an agreement about future contact with the Town Council.

The Council will decide how long it will spend on any one complaint and whether it feels the complaint has been sufficiently dealt with.

In all cases where a complainant is deemed to be unreasonable and persistent, the Council will write to the complainant to justify its course of action and explain for how long it will be operative.

The complainant may challenge the Council’s decision, although proof that the complaint has not been sufficiently dealt with will be required.  However, if deemed to be a fair challenge the Council will conduct a review of the complaint and will re-consider whether the complaint should still be treated as unreasonable and/or vexatious.

If a complainant persists in communicating with the Council once their case has been closed, the Council reserves the right to terminate all further communication.  The case will only be re-visited if the complainant can provide fresh evidence that may affect the Council’s previous decision concerning the original complaint.  If the Council feels that re-opening the complaint cannot be justified the complainant will be notified in writing that the case has been closed and there will be no further communication.

New complaints received from complainants previously deemed to be unreasonable and or vexatious will be treated on their merits.

Complaints will be kept on file for no more than five years.