Orchids on Windmill Hill

Following two very successful orchid counts in June 2018, firstly by students of the William Brookes school followed by a second two weeks later by members of the public, for the first time under the Trust the field has been baled and cut.

The photographs show our contractor baling and then all of the 64 bales being loaded on to a large horse box belonging to Riding for the Disabled. Presently Riding for the Disabled is based outside of Shrewsbury, but will soon be moving to Wyke just outside of the Town. In September the field will be harrowed to help stimulate growth of wild flowers.”

Further information on Much Wenlock Windmill Trust contact tonyhomestead@sky.com

Orchid counting on Windmill Hill

Many thanks to all those who came to Windmill Hill on a very hot day to count orchids. Windmill Hill is a Local Wildlife Site, one of only 600 in Shropshire, and is noted for its pyramidal orchids. These are the classic indicator of high quality species-rich grasslands on the limestone soils of Wenlock Edge and nearby outliers like Windmill Hill. Windmill Hill is considered by botanists to be one of the best examples of limestone grassland in the county and our total number of 864 pyramidal orchids is further confirmation of this. We went up the hill and down the hill many times to cover the whole area. It was very hot and everyone showed a lot of enthusiasm to complete the job. Well done to all.

30th birthday celebration of Age UK’s Much Wenlock Day Centre

A special 30th birthday celebration of Age UK’s Much Wenlock Day Centre was held at the Priory Hall yesterday (Wednesday 23 May 2018) to which the Mayor and Mayoress of Much Wenlock were invited.  Here they are pictured with Barbara Corfield (centre) who is the Centre’s Organiser and has been there from Day 1.  Well done Barbara.

Photo courtesy of Age UK – not to be copied without permission