Much Wenlock Town Council, Shropshire, England

Much Wenlock Town Council

The Guildhall
The Guildhall, Much Wenlock

This is the official site for Much Wenlock Town Council.

Much Wenlock is a stunning medieval "black and white" English town located in the beautiful Shropshire countryside.

The town is the birthplace of Dr William Penny Brookes - the inspiration for the modern Olympic Movement.

It was in 1850 that the first ever Wenlock Olympian Games were held in Much Wenlock and they are still held here annually! 

One of the official mascots for the London 2012 Olympic Games "Wenlock" was inspired by and named after the town.

Market at The Corn Exchange
The Corn Exchange

Town Council Office

Much Wenlock Town Council offices are located in The Corn Exchange on Much Wenlock High Street and are open to the public from 9.00 am to 12 noon Mondays to Fridays inclusive.

An intercom is available just outside the main door to check availability of the Town Clerk.

The offices are on the first floor. If you have difficulty negotiating the steps or are unable to attend at the office, please telephone 01952 727509 to speak to the Town Clerk, who will be pleased to come down to you.

Detailed contact information can be found here

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Visit Much Wenlock
Visit Much Wenlock
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