Rock Face Inspection Works – Bourton Rock Face

Shropshire Highways have been instructed by Shropshire Council to carry out Rock Face Inspection Works in your area.

Where are we working?

We are going to be working on the Bourton rock face on the B4378, a map is shown below and it can also be found on

When will the work take place?

We plan to start the work on the 21st March 2022 and complete on 23rd March 2022 under a full road closure. We will be working from 09:30am to 16:00pm.

How will this affect traffic?

To maintain a safe environment, we need to fully close the road. Notice of this will be given by way of advance warning signs and a fully signed diversion route will be in place.

During the closure we would advise all motorists to use the signed diversion route, which has been agreed with Shropshire Council as we’ve carefully chosen this with suitability and safety in mind. We would also encourage all drivers to adhere to speed limits and follow appropriate signage to ensure the safety of those working on site and fellow road users. If you are travelling during this time, please make sure you plan in advance and allow extra time for your journeys.

Please note that all our planned roadworks are subject to change due to weather conditions or unforeseen circumstances. We’ll maintain access to businesses and residential properties within the closure at all times.

Alternatively, full details of the works to be carried out in the area can be found on

Diversion route

Public enquiry into the draft local plan survey for local residents

Dear Much Wenlock Residents
In order to help us to represent the community and maintain transparency, the Town Council is keen to receive your views on two important issues that will have long term impacts on the town:
Public inquiry into Shropshire Council’s Draft Local Plan – Shropshire Council’s Draft Local Plan is now the subject of a public inquiry, known as the Examination in Public (EIP). The Local Plan is SC’s proposal for development in the town to cover the period of 2016 – 2038. Following our election in May, the Council submitted objections to the Plan and will attend the EIP. We consulted local groups in the autumn, and we want to find out more of local opinion on how we should plan for the town.
Traffic and the Gaskell Corner – We all know that the town suffers from increased amounts of traffic. As a result of the redevelopment of Buildwas Power Station, we pressed Shropshire Council to look at the problems of the Gaskell Corner junction. They are carrying out a Feasibility Study. Consequently, the Town Council is keen to understand local views about the Gaskell Corner and other possible traffic problems in the town.
We would be grateful if you would fill in the below survey with your views and comments. Please send your responses by 12th March.